The story behind the José cartoon.

Giving out gospel tracts has been a great tool for evangelism. But typically, tracts are intended for adults, and the explanation of the gospel is abbreviated because of the size of the flyer.

What about the kids who might never read a tract or be able to go to Sunday School? The Lord gave us the idea of a gospel cartoon. Everyone loves a good cartoon. We wanted one that would center directly on the gospel message. It would need to be clear and compelling, especially for children.

It took 15 months from start to finish. Scriptwriting (and re-writing), finding the right animator, the voices, the background music, and of course, the funding. Throughout the process, it was evident that “the good hand of the Lord” (Ezra 7:6) was upon it. God connected us with the right people and the right resources at the right time. We are praying God uses this tool mightily so that many hear and believe the gospel.